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Flyers Aiding the Hungry. Student-inspired and organized effort to provide a holiday meal for 600 disadvantaged families in the Shreveport/Bossier Area. Supported through fundraisers, donations, and basket sales, Chairmen and Officers join the majority of the Loyola students in distributing baskets of food for families and a toy for each child that accompanies parents on this special distribution day. This year they are doing something different as they have gone around to the feeder schools and have all agreed to do a toy drive. FAiTh is partnering with Sam's Club and Walmart to purchase the big food items for the baskets.

Everyone that comes to FAiTH Day must bring with them the following; budget sheet, a valid photo ID and any additional SSI information. You will only receive baskets/toys for those listed on a valid budget sheet.

FAiTH was founded by Loyola graduate, Ashley Glassell Rockett, in 1990.  Ashley returns each year to work on FAiTH Day.  Since its beginning, FAiTH has served nearly 10,000 families during the Christmas season.  In 2012, there will be 600 FAiTH Baskets distributed to families in need.

Important Dates
The next FAiTH Day is December 9. (Usually held on the first Monday in December.) Officers will set up on December 8th to set up and the entire Monday to prepare baskets for families.

AnnaKate Willis
Michael Vitacca
Emily Roemer
Emma Sarcar

There are 44 officers for FAiTH 2013.

Faculty Advisor
Mr. Andrew Sciba 

Meeting Days/Times
Late Summer/Fall          

Requirements for Membership
Payment of dues, assistance in collection of cans and toys, and participation in Faith Day work

How to Join
Sign up in Theology Class in early September

News/Other Information

  • If you want to buy FAiTH baskets or donate cans/toys please stop by the front office.
  • During half time at the football games Canes will be hosting a fundraiser as students may win free canes for a year as they have to throw a ball from the stands into a jar on the 50 yard line.




921 Jordan Street
Shreveport, LA 71101
Ph. 318.221.2675
Fax 318.226.6334

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June 20, 8:30 a.m.
East Ridge Country Club
Information: 226-6291

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become men and women of conscience, character, and compassion, continuing the Jesuit Catholic tradition of discipline, academic excellence, student involvement, and community service for “The Greater Glory of God” (AMDG).