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Steven Geter will be the Flyer head coach for the second time in 2016.

Role reversal: Geter back as head coach 

There’s going to be a change at the top for the 2016 Loyola football team, but not much of a difference.

Steven Geter will switch from offensive coordinator to head coach while continuing to direct the Flyer offense. Geter steps in for Alan Carter, who will continue as defensive coordinator, a role he had last year while also serving as head coach.

This was Carter’s second stint as Loyola head coach; coincidentally, it will also be Geter’s second time around as Flyer head coach. And here’s one more coaching twist – this is the second time Carter has switched from being a head coach to a defensive coordinator (he also made the move at Byrd 20 years ago).

“There comes a point in time in your career when you know energy-wise what it takes to be a head coach,” Carter said. “In the last part of my coaching career, I want to focus on what I enjoy: coaching X’s and O’s with the defense. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Steven. He’s got a tremendous background on offensive football.”

In 2013, it was Carter who replaced Geter, who had served as Loyola head coach for the previous five seasons. Geter returned to Loyola in 2015 as offensive coordinator.

“I am thrilled to have another opportunity to coach this proud football program,” said Geter. “And to do it with the same coaches I had around me last season makes it just that much sweeter.”

 “We have been blessed to have coaches such as Alan and Steven,” Loyola Principal John LeBlanc said. “They work well together and complement each other perfectly. Alan has always been known as one of the top defensive coaches in the state and you won’t find a better offensive mind than Steven. You can’t have two better people leading our team both on and off the football field.”

Carter has spent 16 years as a head coach (Loyola was his first head coaching job in 1982-83) and also coached at Byrd and Parkway. He has a 91-79 record and has won five district championships and made nine playoff appearances.

Geter has a 29-26 as Flyer head coach (2008-12) and made three playoff appearances, including a spot in the state quarterfinals in 2008 and a 9-1 regular season record in 2010.

“In a way, it feels like I never left,” said Geter. “So much of what I was a part of before is still in place. Hopefully, that means I’ll get to spend more time improving what’s right than figuring out what’s wrong. I look forward to continue to tradition that goes back for more than a century.”


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