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Attendance & Absences


Regular and punctual attendance at school is required by state law (Louisiana Bulletin 741:6.005.02.) Credit is awarded for each course when the student has met standards established by the school for academic achievement and regular attendance. To receive credit, a student must pass the course and be in attendance at school with no more than 6 days absent (due to block scheduling) within a semester. Any student who misses any one class more than six times will not receive credit for that class. Remediation of failed classes must be made completed before the student progresses to the next grade.


Procedure for Handling Absences

  A student's parent is to notify the school as early as possible on the day of the student's absence by calling the school's main number (221-2675) after 8 a.m.  The student is responsible for securing a signed note from a parent describing the reason for the absence and must present the note to the Office before the student may return to class.

On the day a student is absent for other than an Education Absence (see definition below), the student may neither attend nor participate in an athletic event, practice, or extracurricular school activity without permission of the Principal or the Assistant Principal.  If the absence is on a Friday, this rule applies through the entire weekend.

Students must be in school at least two regular periods in order to attend or participate in an extracurricular school activity.  Corrective action will be taken with any student violating this policy.

Forging a parent's or guardian's name on a note, altering a note in any way, making (or having someone else make) a phone call in which the caller falsely claims to be a parent or guardian, are all illegal and dishonest. Such activities will be dealt with accordingly. Moreover, notes written by parents giving false reasons for absences are dishonest. Corrective action will be taken with any student violating this policy.

When a student is absent for any reason whatsoever, beyond the 6th day of a class, the student will receive an "F" in that class. The student will be required to make up credit for the failed class. The Assistant Principal and/or Principal will hear appeals from students and their parents for reinstatement of credit.


Types of Absences

Excused Absence: An excused absence is one in which the student is absent for a legitimate reason as determined by the Assistant Principal.  The student is allowed to make up any and all work missed during his/her absence.

Unexcused Absence: An unexcused absence is one in which the student is absent without an approved reason or simply as a matter of convenience to himself (herself) or his (her) family   (e.g. out-of-town trips, work, getting a haircut or a driver's license, etc.).  The student must make up the time and the assignments missed during the absence, but receives no credit for the work.  Repeated unexcused absences may result in further corrective action.

Educational Absences: An educational absence is one in which the student is absent from regular classes to participate in a school sponsored activity.  Such absences are not counted as days absent from school, but the student must make up whatever assignments are missed.

College Visitation: In order to prevent student absences from school, students and their parents should begin early in making college plans and campus visitation.  Students should try to plan college visits for times when Loyola College Prep is not in session.  Junior and Senior students will be allowed two days only for college visitation.  It is recommended that these visits take place before the fourth nine-week grading period.

Extended Absence: A student absent for an extended period must present a doctor's certificate to the Assistant Principal before the student will be readmitted to class.  Before being readmitted to school, a student who has been absent  6 days or more in a semester will be required to meet with the Principal.

Checking Out During the School Day: Any off campus appointments for students (with doctors, dentists, etc.) should be scheduled for times outside of school hours.  An excused absence may be arranged only if a parent has sent a signed note to the Assistant Principal prior to the beginning of the school day. 

Any student who becomes ill during the school day must report to the school office. In no case will a student be allowed to leave school without the permission of the Principal or the Assistant Principal, plus that of a parent.

Attendance at Mass is a foundational piece of spiritual formation, which is a critical part of a Loyola education. Parents are strongly urged to support this mission by not scheduling appointments during Mass or otherwise allowing to miss Mass.

Attendance at school grade-level retreats is mandatory. Absence from a retreat will require documentation from a doctor or the prior approval of the principal. Students who miss a retreat will be required to make up the day in a manner prescribed by the principal.



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