Principal's Office

Loyola Principal John LeBlanc


John H. LeBlanc, '84
Loyola College Prep Principal


Loyola College Preparatory School has a tradition of excellence dating back to 1902. It began as St. John’s College, providing young men in Shreveport the opportunity to grow and learn in a faith-based community. In 1986, Loyola expanded its offerings to include co-educational instruction as the only Catholic high school serving the Shreveport area. Jesuit High School and St. Vincent’s Academy merged to continue the tradition of excellence in the classroom, on the athletic fields, and through extra-curricular opportunities. Actually, I am a product of that extraordinary Loyola experience, having joined over twenty members of my family as graduates of Loyola College Prep or its predecessors in 1984. I have spent the majority of my career at Loyola as a teacher, coach, advancement officer and now as the principal.

Loyola is sponsored by the Diocese of Shreveport and serves approximately 462 students. We attract students from diverse backgrounds, giving the school a distinctive mix that creates the rich environment where our students thrive.

Here at Loyola I am inspired daily by teachers, administrators, and students work together to

create a school community where students grow to be intellectually competent, just, faith-filled and respectful young men and women who will exercise leadership in building a better world. This educational underpinning is supported by parents, alumni and friends of Jesuit, St. Vincent’s and Loyola, who are all dedicated to the school’s mission.

Our success comes from committed and dedicated faculty and staff, diligently engaged students, and supportive families, alumni and partners. Here are just a few facts that highlight our school’s strength:

  • Through dual enrollment, our students have earned over 340 college credit hours.
  • Our 42 AP Scholars earned $641,818 in college tuition equivalent.
  • Our school's ACT composite score exceeds the national and state average.
  • Our seniors attend prestigious schools throughout the United States; this year, graduates earned over $11.7 million in scholarships and awards.
  • Our students participated in numerous extracurricular and service-based activities and experiences.
  • We have the support of a number of foundations and a strong, engaged alumni base.

We are all here for a reason. Our goals are many, and our dreams are boundless. My Loyola experience continues to define me as an adult, educator, and administrator. My experience is definitely not ordinary;

it is more of a lifetime of challenges, opportunities, and open windows. Let us show you the opportunities that abound here at Loyola. They won’t be ordinary, for sure; and they will give you the confidence, motivation and spiritual nurturing to do great things in life…all for the greater glory of God.