Guidance Counseling

FAQ About What We Do

How do I get my student on the list to receive accommodations at Loyola?

If your student has an educational evaluation, with a diagnosis from a psychologist/psychiatrist, then your student is eligible to be considered for accommodations at Loyola. You will need to provide a copy of the original testing documents, along with the most recent testing results, and copies of accommodations your student currently receives at his/her middle school. I will then call you to review the information and let you know exactly what Loyola College Prep can provide for your student. It is important to remember that accommodations are not meant to take the place of the work your student must do, but rather to assist and help them learn to speak for themselves, seek help from a teacher when needed, and learn what will help them in their next endeavor, college.

Can Loyola provide ALL of the accommodations my student currently receives at his/her middle school?

Accommodations will be looked at on a case by case basis. Loyola is able to offer several accommodations but does not have staffing available for one-on-one help all day long. Typical accommodations include, but are not limited to, preferential seating, cooperative learning, extended time on tests (not extended time to turn in homework assignments), teacher initiated signals for redirecting attention, and variety of modality input (auditory, visual, tactile).

If my student receives accommodations at Loyola, does that automatically mean they will take the ACT/SAT with extended time?

No, your student will have to apply for extended time on national standardized tests separately from his/her accommodations at Loyola. Note: just because your student receives accommodations at Loyola, and his/her educational report states that extended time should be given on standardized tests, does not guarantee that ACT and College Board will grant them accommodations on their tests.

What documentation does my student need to apply for accommodations on a national standardized test?

Your student will see me concerning testing; the application process is different depending on the test he/she is applying for, and I will let him/her know how to sign up online. Once your student has signed up online, I will then have to submit a copy of his/her accommodation plan on file with Loyola, a copy of his/her educational testing evaluation, which must be no older than three years, and any letters that need to accompany your student’s application. I am then notified within four weeks of applying, whether or not your student has been approved for accommodations. If necessary, I will handle all appeals.

Will my student automatically receive accommodations in college?

To receive accommodations post-high school, your student will need to speak with the admissions representative at his/her college of choice. Colleges do not want to hear from the parent; they want the student to speak for himself/herself, and provide a copy of the senior year accommodation plan from Loyola, a copy of the most recent educational evaluation (done within the past three years and most importantly, after the student turns 16 years old).

Whether students need help with a personal matter or an academic one, our Director of Guidance and Counseling, Susan Hymel, is available to meet with students and their parents throughout their Loyola journey.

Because Catholic education extends beyond intellectual mastery, all students are beneficiaries of the counseling program. It provides a developmental approach to students and also supports the academic, spiritual and psychological growth of each student.

Our goal is to help students make the most of their high school education by providing support to help them reach personal and educational goals. We do this using the following methods:

  • discussing values, perspectives and issues
  • providing information and strategies
  • sharing achievements and helping with concerns when facing challenges

Upon entering Loyola, students will work with the guidance counselor to address personal needs and all aspects of their academic program. In grades eleven and twelve, students additionally work with Glad Alexander, the Director of College Placement, who will assist with college selection and course planning for the junior and senior years.

Our doors are open to all, and we look forward to sharing in future successes, addressing any questions and offering support.

Susan Hymel
Director of Guidance & Counseling
Testing Coordinator