Program of Studies

Graduation Requirements

A student attending Loyola College Prep for four years is expected to fulfill the Louisiana Board of Regents/TOPS Core Curriculum Requirements, which exceed the minimum state standards for graduation. Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum requirements will be met by all Loyola students.


The letter equivalents of numerical grades – and the corresponding quality point – are shown in the chart below.


Loyola College Prep is part of a growing number of high schools that do not publish a class rank for students. For college scholarships and applications, a school profile is sent along with a letter detailing a six semester GPA distribution chart to show the competitiveness of the class and where students fall in comparison to their classmates with regard to GPA.

To be eligible to graduate as valedictorian or salutatorian, a student shall

  • Have the highest or second highest cumulative grade point average
  • Have attended Loyola College Prep for a minimum of four complete semesters(beginning with the first day of school of the student’s junior year)