Technology in Education

Technology is a dynamic tool which can offer amazing opportunities to students and faculty. Loyola College Prep embraces technology with enthusiasm, always bearing in mind that the human interaction between student and teacher is the single most important component of education and must never be compromised.

Loyola's Technology Plan


Loyola's educational mission dictates the direction and philosophy of technology, which continues to be increasingly important to the pursuit of academic excellence both as a tool and an enhancement. As we continue to explore technology and its benefits, we must continually develop, refine and evaluate our technology plans and programs to ensure that they are in keeping with the mission of the school and foster dynamic, independent, and personalized learning across the curriculum.

Our Promise

  • Students and teachers will have immediate access to various technological resources. Our network infrastructure is maintained in such a manner to meet the dynamic growth that electronic devices incur upon it. Classrooms are regularly redesigned to be conducive to teaching with technology.
  • Loyola expects all teachers to be technologically literate. Our teachers model effective and responsible use of technology. Teachers are expected to use administrative software and to apply best practices and educationally sound approaches in integrating technology into the curriculum.
  • A Loyola graduate will demonstrate facility in using technology.
  • Loyola will provide ongoing comprehensive and relevant training for all faculty and staff. Professional development will be made available on a regular basis.
  • Loyola employs a full-time IT Director who gives strong and competent technology support to the students and faculty.
  • The Loyola website will provide instructional, communication, and public relations services to the Loyola community.
  • The ethical use of technology will be modeled and taught as an essential part of Loyola's mission.