Technology Plan

Loyola College Prep Technology Plan

Loyola has been a leader in the use of classroom technology not only locally, but also statewide and even beyond. The school was among the first in the nation to buy the original iPads for all teaching faculty and administrators. The school definitively chose the iPad as the device to be used in our 1:1 initiative; every student has been using an iPad since 2012.

Loyola offers an iPad-leasing program, for a nominal fee, to those students who receive needbased financial assistance with the cost of tuition. The Loyola Alumni Association also provides funding to help families who might need assistance, but do not apply for tuition assistance.

Loyola employs a full-time IT Director who not only supports the entire campus technology infrastructure but also works both individually and in small groups to help teachers learn how to incorporate technology into their instructional curriculum in a way that supports learning and fosters student engagement. Our philosophy on “technology in education” is it should be about the content and learning, not about bells and whistles. In addition to our “in house” training, almost 2/3 of the faculty have attended at least one professional development iPad-based conference that are hosted annually throughout the United States.

As with all mobile devices, the need for wireless Internet or “WiFi” is in constant demand. Our efforts to keep up with the needs of our 1:1 program led us to choose Aruba Networks for our WiFi hardware infrastructure. We are currently in the process (spanning over the next 3 years) of having APs (Access Points) installed in every classroom to meet the dynamic growth that mobile devices incur upon the network. The main building will have 2 floors completed by Fall 2017 and the 3rd floor completed by Fall 2018. The Residence building has a target completion date of Fall 2019.

All classrooms at Loyola are equipped with a ceiling mounted LCD projector, AppleTV and all but 3 have SMARTboards. We offer as many technological resources in the classroom as fiscally possible to open any door a teacher/student may need to receive the necessary instruction to facilitate learning. Classroom renovations and improvements are always within the scope of our technological peripheral vision. The IT Director installs new projectors and SMARTboards, in place of aging equipment when needed. New shading is placed within the classrooms to help darken the room as we see a greater use of projector-based instruction. We encourage teacher input prior to the renovation progress, insuring what is installed will service a viable position within their classroom.

The Loyola College Prep Library is a remarkable feat of renovated space transformed into a collaborative creation area. The Library houses 3 lobby-area computers available any time for student use and offers a 24-seat computer lab open by reservation for teachers. Also residing within the Library is a large multifunction printer dedicated for student use and charging areas for mobile devices.