Loyola welcomes prospective students (“shadows”) to spend half a day or full day with a current Loyola Student. Shadows who come only on Mondays will attend all seven periods that are fifty minutes in length. In order to shadow you must:

  • Make arrangements with your middle school on what Monday would be best for you to miss.
  • Decide who you would like to shadow at Loyola
  • Call Meredith Price at 226-6287 or e-mail at to schedule. Meredith is in the office on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and will return your requests to shadow during school hours.

On the day of your shadowing you must:

  • Check in at the Admissions Office in the Anderson Building no later than 7:30 am and meet your Loyola student
  • Loyola will provide lunch in the cafeteria or the eighth grade student may bring a brown bag lunch.
  • Wear slacks, collared shirt, skirts and/or neat jeans. No t-shirts or boots are permitted.
  • Cell phones and/or iPads may not be used by the shadows during school hours.