Why Loyola...


Loyola focuses on three pillars of student pride to ensure a well-rounded educational experience.
Academic Excellence

With an enrollment of approximately 450 students, Loyola provides the opportunity to experience 1-1 iPad teaching. Our well-educated faculty engages in technology with the students to provide a simple transition into today's modern society. Additionally, students are provided opportunities to obtain college credit through dual enrollment and AP courses. Students who reach an above average level of academic performance can graduate with a scholar's college designation.

Faith in Action

Loyola is a Catholic institution in affiliation with the Catholic Diocese of Shreveport. Each week on Wednesday's students attend mass services at the Cathedral of St. John Berchman's just footsteps away from campus. Students are also welcome to join faith-based student organizations such as FaiTH, Faith on Fire!, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion or Altar Servers.

Student Involvement

Students at Loyola are encouraged to join one of the many student organizations available. Becoming a flyer can also include being a part of our top-notch athletic programs or enjoying cheers in the student section at games. Constant activity and community service involvement surround the Loyola experience throughout the school year.