Athletic Forms

Loyola College Prep is excited to announce we have partnered with PlanetHS/Arbiter Athlete for submitting and organizing our athletic forms. With this new software, we hope to simplify the process of collecting paperwork for all of our athletes and reduce the chances of paperwork being incomplete or misplaced.

Please click on the buttons below to review helpful documents for a guide to signing up for accounts. Then go to the Planet HS website to begin your sign up. You can also text S43590 to 69274 on your mobile phone to sign up.

Parent Welcome

Parent and Student Getting Started Guide

Planet HS Website


  • All athletes must complete their forms online, even if they played last year.
  • You can use your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Parents and athletes will both have to create an account.
  • Only one parent per athlete has to sign up, but each student athlete must complete their own sign up. We ask that athletes use their Loyola email address for the sign up.
  • If you choose to print the forms from the PlanetHS website, they must be scanned and uploaded to you students account or emailed to the school. Do NOT bring the paper forms to the offices. Also, please make sure ALL the signatures and initials are complete and ALL pages of the forms are scanned and uploaded/emailed. If a signature or page is missing it could cause the students eligibility to be questioned
  • The only forms that must be printed and submitted to the school are the Legal Disclaimer form and the Physical Form that has to be signed by your doctor. You can upload scans or images of the Physical form to the account using your phone or computer once it has been completed. The Disclaimer form will need to be brought to school or emailed. 
  • Your account will be used to submit forms each year the athlete attends Loyola so you will only need to sign up once.
  • LHSAA physicals are valid for 13 months from the date the Physician signed the paperwork. If a student's physical expires before the end of their athletic season, they are considered ineligible. 

If you have any questions while completing your sign up, please contact Jessica Smith at or stop by the Anderson Building for assistance.

Quick sign up instructions for Arbiter Athlete graphic

There are 2 forms that will need to be filed out and signed manually. The Medical form can be uploaded to your PlanetHS account, The LCP Legal Disclaimer Form can be emailed to or dropped off at the Anderson Building. You can print them here.

LHSAA Medical Form

LCP Legal Disclaimer Form

7th Hour P.E.

Students who leave the Loyola campus to attend 7th hour Physical Education at the Loyola Athletic Complex will need to have a permission form signed by a parent. Please scan the completed form and email to your coach.

7th Hour Travel Form