Junior Year

Junior Year Timeline

First Semester:
  • Begin the college search process in Naviance in one of several ways.
  • Perform the Super Match to get a list of colleges that might provide a "fit."
  • Enter college names in "Colleges I'm Interested In."
  • Research admission requirements for each school in which you are interested.
  • Register for college visits on our campus in Naviance.
  • Get on the mailing list of each college you are interested in or establish contact by email.(Create a generic email account; if you use your Loyola email account, create a different folder for each college of interest to hold emails received from each.)
  • Find out the application deadline(s) of each college to which you are applying. PLAN ACCORDINGLY. Particularly look at SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS AND DEADLINES.
  • Financial Aid planning is important. Refer to resource information found on the school's website or in Naviance to determine how much it might cost to attend the schools you are interested in. Talk with your family about plans to pay for college.
  • What special scholarships, grants, college work-study, or loans will be needed?
  • Loyola automatically registers you to take the PSAT/NMSQT in October.
  • Begin planning to take the ACT or SAT during the year.
  • Visit colleges if possible during holiday time.
Second Semester:
  • Plan schedule of classes for senior year. Be sure to check all colleges of interest regarding entrance requirements.
  • Continue college, financial aid exploration.
  • Register for college visits on our campus in Naviance.
  • Register to take one or both of the college admissions tests:
    • ACT - February, April, June and/or July
    • SAT - January, March, May and/or June
  • If the college(s) you are interested in requires SAT Subject Tests, see your advisor about registering. It is recommended that, if some are required, you take them as soon as you have completed the course.
  • Be organized. Keep accumulated information about each college in separate files, etc.
  • Visit colleges during Spring Break, if possible.

  • It is strongly recommended that you and your family visit as many college campuses as possible. Make appointments with admissions offices for tours and interviews.
  • Limit your final list of college choices.
  • Use your time away from school to build your resume in Naviance with some of these suggestions: finalize your required community service work, obtain a summer job, attend a summer enrichment program, etc.
  • Complete the ‘Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire’ in Naviance.
  • Schedule a summer meeting with your college advisor at Loyola.