General Information

  • Scholarship searching is the student's responsibility, and it can truly pay off.
  • Scholarship information is available in many places: the College Center (Anderson Building at Loyola), public and local libraries, bookstores and on the internet.
  • When you are notified of receiving a scholarship, please bring a copy of your notification letter to Mrs. Alexander.
  • Scholarship search companies that charge a fee are generally not worth the money. The information is available for free, if you take the time to find it.

Potential Scholarship Sources

  • City or community
  • Church
  • Nationality
  • Minority groups
  • Disabilities
  • Career fields
  • College and University
  • College departments
  • Companies
  • Professional organizations
  • Activities
  • Talent
  • Special Cases (i.e. Vocational Rehabilitation)
  • Parents (i.e. places of work, military, clubs, and organizations), branches of the Military (i.e. ROTC).


TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students) is a scholarship program for students who choose an in-state college and meet certain criteria. The application is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). See Mrs. Alexander for more information or contact your state college of choice. Even private colleges in the state honor TOPS, but may have special deadlines or requirements for consideration that you need to inquire about.

TOPS codes: ACT (1595) SAT (9019)