Loyola 100 Club


The Loyola 100 Club was created as a cohesive effort from Flyer parents to help meet the needs of the football coaching staff and team. The club hosts numerous events throughout the season including home game tailgates and fundraisers designed to support Flyer football.


During the 100th year in school history (2001-02), the club was created knowing that football needed a sole booster club.

How to Join

Any and all Flyer parents are welcome to join at any home football game. The parents do not have to have a student on the football team.

Membership costs $100 per year and covers the cost of pregame meals held throughout the entire regular football season.

2019 Board

Stephanie Raburn, President

Kevin and Teresa Murphy, 2020 Representatives

Jim and Kathy Barlow, 2021 Representatives

Jeff and Sherry Lafitte, 2022 Representatives

Dewayne and Jennifer Defatta, 2023 Representatives

2018 Football Dinner and Auction

2nd Annual Football Dinner & Auction (2018)

Back to school Picnic Sign up Table

Back to School Picnic (2018)