Cafeteria Information

All Loyola students have a lunch account that is used to make purchase in the cafeteria. Parents can add funds to their students lunch account on the My School Bucks website or by bringing cash or check to the Anderson Building.

On the My School Bucks site, you can add funds to your student's account, view your student's transactions, set up automatic payments to the account and alerts for when the balance drops to a certain level. Setting up an account is easy. Click on the My School Bucks Instructions below for a walkthrough. Your MSB log in will also be used to purchase items and pay fees through the school store. Note: The store is separate from your student's lunch account. Fees and store purchases will not be deducted from their lunch account funds. 

A helpful tip when setting up your My School Bucks account, when prompted during set up, select Louisiana for the state and then Loyola College Prep for the district. When adding your student, select St. Vincent's Hall for the school selection and enter your student's information. 

Students whose lunch balance is more than $20.00 in the negative will not be able to access their grades or transcripts in the My School Portal. Students will also not be allowed to purchase items from the cafeteria or order the outside vendor lunch until their balance is paid. 

Emails are sent daily to those students who owe more than 20.00 on their lunch account. On Fridays, emails are sent to all students with a negative balance and all students with less than $10 remaining to spend on their account. 

Outside Vendor Ordering

Loyola has partnered with local restaurants to provide our students with meals during the pandemic. The cost of the meals starts at $7.00 per meal and students have the option of adding additional items with some vendors for $3.00. Students must order lunch a week in advance via a Google form that is updated weekly. The deadline to order is every Friday at 2:00 PM. The student does not have to order all five days; he/she can pick and choose based on the menu which days to order. It is required that your student is logged in to his/her Loyola email to fill out the form. 

The weekly menus can be found in your Daily Announcements. 

Daily Announcements