Checking In/Out

Any off campus appointments for students (with doctors, dentists, etc.) should be scheduled for times outside of school hours. An excused absence may be arranged only if a parent has sent a signed note to the Assistant Principal prior to the beginning of the school day.

Any student who becomes ill during the school day must report to the school office. In no case will a student be allowed to leave school without the permission of the Principal or the Assistant Principal, plus that of a parent.

Attendance at Mass is a foundational piece of spiritual formation, which is a critical part of a Loyola education. Parents are strongly urged to support this mission by not scheduling appointments during Mass or otherwise allowing to miss Mass.

Attendance at school grade-level retreats is mandatory. Absence from a retreat will require documentation from a doctor or the prior approval of the principal. Students who miss a retreat will be required to make up the day in a manner prescribed by the principal.