Whether students need help with a personal or academic matter, our guidance counselor is available to meet with students and their parents throughout their Loyola journey. Because Catholic education extends beyond intellectual mastery to formation of the whole person, all students are beneficiaries of the counseling program, which provides a developmental approach to students. The guidance program supports the academic, spiritual, and psychological development of each student.

Our goal is to help students make the most of their high school education by providing support to help them reach personal and educational goals. We will do this by discussing values, perspectives, and issues; providing information and strategies; and sharing in your achievements and helping students with concerns when facing challenges.

Upon entering Loyola, students will work with the Guidance Counselor each year to help them address their personal needs and all aspects of their academic program. In grades 11 and 12 they also work with the college placement counselor who will help with the college selection process as well as course planning for the junior and senior years.

Our doors are open to welcome new students, and we look forward to sharing in future successes, addressing any questions, and offering support to our Loyola students. We hope to assist our young men and young women in making this exciting period of their life meaningful, happy, and productive.


Susan Hymel