Student Activities and Service Hours

“Love ought to show itself in deeds over and above words.”

St. Ignatius of Loyola

A wide variety of programs including organizations, sports and club sports are available to Loyola students, and they provide opportunities for challenge and growth outside the classroom.

With 38 student organizations, 13 sports and 3 club sports, Loyola provides a variety of activities and educational enrichment opportunities. We believe involvement and a sense of belonging are critical in student development, and Loyola is proud to contribute to these efforts in a positive manner.


The Service Program at Loyola aims for our students to become “men and women for others” with minds and hearts seeing horizons beyond their own perspectives through a variety of opportunities.

We also hope that the effects of this experience will stay with our students, no matter what career or profession they choose.

The Ignatian Service Program is mandatory for two reasons.

  1. We believe that in light of the school mission, this component of the curriculum is as important as any other that we require.
  2. Students who may struggle committing to this program often see that the experience can be enjoyable, fulfilling and special.


1. To show the love of Jesus Christ. The Loyola community realizes that gifts and talents can serve others in a way that can heal their hurts, assuage their loneliness, give companionship and encouragement and enlighten minds.

2. To become aware. Through their service, we hope students will see that they receive much more than they give: that when they become healers, they themselves are healed; when they give companionship, they themselves receive companionship; when they uplift and encourage, they themselves are uplifted and encouraged; and when they enlighten, they are themselves enlightened.

3. To see God in all things. Serving others shows students that God is present in all things, all people and all situations.


All students are required to complete a minimum of 25 service hours per year with a total of at least 100 hours to be completed before graduation. Most students exceed the minimum by their senior year.

Service Hour Form

You can download the service hour form here.